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About Drupal Training

CrossFunctional’s Drupal Training initiative is offered to get people using and developing with Drupal better, helping them work better, quicker, more creatively, in a way that fits best practices, and that grows the community. We provide a variety of courses that covers different aspects of Drupal, that offers everyone from content editors to back-end developers the knowledge and tools they need to develop with Drupal to the best of their ability.

We believe that Drupal is an extremely flexible and capable framework suitable for a huge variety of websites and web applications. To this end, we’d love to see as many people as possible gain proficiency in Drupal development, to ensure that they are able to build fantastic websites that suit their needs now and into the future. This is why we train people in Drupal.

We offer courses for all kinds of Drupal users and developers:

  • Content editors & content managers
  • PHP developers
  • Designers & themers
  • Solution architects
  • Project managers

We offer training in collaboration with other Drupal companies and organisations including:

  • Drupal Association
  • Acquia
  • CommerceGuys

About Cross(Functional)

Cross(Functional) is a Sydney-based online solutions provider with proven expertise in Drupal, WordPress and other open source systems. In operation since 2008, we have grown to provide services at multiple levels and across multiple industries.

Our team of software engineers, information architects, designers and project managers have built dozens of robust Drupal-based systems for corporate, government and non-profit clients including Taronga Zoo, Luna Park, Cochlear and the Screen Producers Association of Australia.

The lean, agile CrossFunctional team can deliver a cost-effective solution for your next e-commerce, CRM, mobile, social networking or Drupal training project, from initial scoping, design and prototyping through to user testing, deployment and ongoing site maintenance.

Florida-born company founder Ryan Cross is a co-maintainer of the Sydney Drupal user group, and is lead developer on the open source collaboration platform ProjectPier.

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