Drupal Commerce for Developers

3 days

Get the most out of Drupal Commerce!

Drupal Commerce is a lot more than just some basic tools to get an online commerce website running. There’s a lot it offers developers and site builders that isn’t covered in the basics, and a lot of that has to do with how deeply it integrates with Drupal’s core concepts and ideals. It’s not a prefab commerce system with some superficial integration; the Commerce developers really do understand what Drupal is, how to get the most out of it, and have built their commerce system in such a way that you too can modify it to do practically anything you need. We want to tell you about this so that you can build the ecommerce site you, your company, or your clients have dreamed of.

Over three days, we’ll cover the internals of Drupal Commerce, developing with Commerce, and using Drupal 7’s functionality to integrate with Commerce. We will discuss and provide examples of how to use contributed modules to extend Commerce’s functionality for all kinds of purposes, including importing products, managing stock levels, handling shipping rates, dealing with client addresses, setting up payment rules and much more.


This training will best suit Drupal developers and full-time Drupal programmers, either working for a company or as a freelancer. Experience using Rules and Views modules will help you get the most out of this course.


Bring a laptop with wifi. Prepare the laptop to have Drupal installed on it, using one of the following methods to do so.
Windows: install WAMP or Acquia Dev Desktop.
Mac OS X: install MAMP or Acquia Dev Desktop.
Linux: most distributions let you install Drupal if you install Apache, MySQL and PHP.

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