Drupal Commerce Kickstart

2 days

Find out how to get Drupal running your online shop!

Ecommerce within Australia has been projected to be worth $37 billion in sales in 2013. These numbers indicate several major trends; not only are more Australians are shopping online, but more people overseas expect to deal with Australian retailers online. Drupal Commerce is a distribution of Drupal that enables retailers to develop an online storefront, which is customisable to the extent that you can practically sell whatever you want wherever you need to.

In conjunction with CommerceGuys, the developers of Drupal Commerce, we offer a course that shows you Drupal Commerce’s ins and outs, gives you the details on how to set up a storefront and manage the idiosyncratic requirements of selling things online in Australia. We also show you how to customise your Drupal Commerce installation to accomplish complex tasks, import product data, integrate with other systems, and much more.


You are required to have prior experience with Drupal (either Drupal 6 or Drupal 7).


Bring a laptop with wifi. Prepare the laptop to have Drupal installed on it, using one of the following methods to do so.
Windows: install WAMP or Acquia Dev Desktop.
Mac OS X: install MAMP or Acquia Dev Desktop.
Linux: most distributions let you install Drupal if you install Apache, MySQL and PHP.

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