Drupal in a Day for Developers

1 day

In this course, and using a combination of presented materials, discussion and hands-on activities, developers will reverse-engineer and augment a Drupal site. Developers will get familiar with key tools of the trade for site maintenance. They will learn about site building, module and theme development; about Drupal’s structure “under the hood”, and how to architect a flexible site.

They will find out about opportunities for developers and how they can apply their experience from other areas.

Even well-seasoned Drupal developers can be tempted to start creating a site with the modules and implementation strategies they’re familiar with, making important decisions that dramatically impact content architecture before they’ve taken a look at the bigger picture. Through several exercises and real-world examples, participants will learn strategies for designing flexible content types, views, and taxonomies, and we’ll demonstrate what a truly flexible architecture can provide. We’ll talk about how seemingly simple requirements and integration with external systems can dramatically influence architectural decisions.

A printed manual will outline typical procedures and reference materials and key terms within the community.

Additionally, best practices will be augmented with well-explained code examples as a reference guide to efficient development.

This course will appeal to those who are experienced with web development in languages such as PHP, Java, or .NET, and knowledgeable about HTML and CSS. No prior experience of Drupal required.

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