Introduction to Drupal

1 day

Find out what Drupal is and how to get started!

Drupal is a uniquely flexible piece of web development software, in that its modular architecture allows you to put together the components you need to build practically any site. The concepts involved may seem daunting, but we want to give you the knowledge needed to take Drupal and its community contributed components and build the site that you or your organisation needs.


You should have some knowledge of Content Management Systems, and experience using and building websites with HTML/CSS, Wordpress, Joomla or other platforms.
This course is more of an overview and doesn’t go into depth, so it is best suited for people who want a hands-on introduction to Drupal or are still evaluating it to see if it suits their needs.


Bring a laptop with wifi. Prepare the laptop to have Drupal installed on it, using one of the following methods to do so.
Windows: install WAMP or Acquia Dev Desktop.
Mac OS X: install MAMP or Acquia Dev Desktop.
Linux: most distributions let you install Drupal if you install Apache, MySQL and PHP.

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