PHP for Drupal

1 day

Learn the essential features and structures of PHP, and how they are expressed in Drupal in this one day course. This is a great primer for the Module Development course.

Why is Drupal written in PHP?

Depending on your background, you might be surprised (or scared) at the things you can do with PHP. The language is noted for being very flexible and easy to learn. The ease of learning is due in part to the good examples available in the project documentation.

Though Dries Buytaert, the founder of the Drupal project, is a Java programmer he chose to write Drupal in PHP. He saw that scripting languages like PHP lend themselves to be accessible to people with a range of skills and backgrounds. If Drupal were written in Java, it is arguable that it would not have grown at the rate it has.


You may be wondering is this course right for me? Do you already know the essentials of site configuration and site building in Drupal? That’s really important. You can review our course descriptions for the Site Building courses to make sure you know the prerequisites.

This course is NOT an introduction to programming.

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