Symfony + Drupal 8

1 day

Drupal 8 is on its way, get ready for it!

The new version of Drupal 8 is currently under development, but you can get ahead of the curve by learning about the way it works under the hood. It uses a variety of components but the most significant is its move to Symfony, the open source PHP framework. The move to Symfony will improve Drupal’s internal architecture and enable Drupal to work with a huge ecosystem of external components.

In this course, we will teach you the basics of developing with Symfony, provide inside information on how it powers Drupal 8, demonstrate how to develop custom modules using the new Symfony-powered architecture, and show how to integrate Symfony components with Drupal 8.


You should know how to code object-oriented PHP, and have prior knowledge of Drupal.


Bring a laptop with wifi. Prepare the laptop to have Drupal installed on it, using one of the following methods to do so.
Windows: install WAMP or Acquia Dev Desktop.
Mac OS X: install MAMP or Acquia Dev Desktop.
Linux: most distributions let you install Drupal if you install Apache, MySQL and PHP.

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