Welcome to Drupal

3 hours

Find out what Drupal is and what it can help you do!

Drupal is web development software that is designed to help people get their content onto the web, no matter what it is. It has some unique characteristics that make it an attractive platform for all sorts of organisations and companies, whether they be small community groups or big names like the White House, MTV, The Economist, Al Jazeera and more.

In this course we’ll explain some of the basic concepts that Drupal uses, and go into detail on the following:

  • How Drupal puts a particular webpage together from all the components available
  • Drupal’s terminology, including nodes, fields, blocks, views, pages and more
  • Some common examples of how particular kinds of content would be structured and displayed
  • How to get started building your own Drupal site

We’ll also discuss how to get involved in the Drupal community, find out what roles are available to Drupalers and what skills each requires, and learn how to build a career using Drupal.


Prior knowledge of web development or content management for the web would be ideal.


Depending on the venue, you may need to bring a laptop with wifi that can have Drupal installed on it (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux).

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